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Border with Panama

Among the attractions of visiting the Caribbean is its border with Panama. What do you need to get through that area? Can I make purchases at " Dutty  free"? Watch these episodes where we give you the  answers

Utopía Caribe

Rentas de casa en el Caribe

8693 0134


Casas Jayr Fernández

Renta de casas en el Caribe

8348 5817

Habitat Vacation Rentals

Renta de casas en el Caribe

2750 1972


The Green Jungle House

Playa Chiquita


Casa Mahali

Puerto Viejo

 8794 5678

Casa Modi

Playa Cocles

8402 2335

Casa Lina Eco Lodge

Playa Cocles

+36 31 782 8494



Casas del Caribe

Renta de casas en el Caribe

8976 7543

Gold Vacation Homes

Renta de casas en el Caribe

8381 6837


Casa Viva Lodge

Punta Uva

4000 5766


Villas Allen

Playa Negra, Puerto Viejo

2756 8327


Casa Kinkajú

Puerto Viejo

2750 2004

Casa Palmera

Playa Cocles

6019 6277

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