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The Caribbean, in addition to its beautiful beaches, provides an important contribution to the country with its Afro-Costa Rican culture. At Jamvill we also want to rescue the cultural elements of the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

August 31
This day is special in our  province. The streets are witness to the parades with which we celebrate the Day of the Black Person and Afro-Costa Rican culture. 

We spent the night in a Bribri community and learned a lot about their respect for nature and their way of seeing life. We invite you to learn a little about their way of life. 

Cocoa Museum
This fruit is of vital importance in the history of our province. Know the reasons and how they prepare it. 

Desfiles del Día de la persona negra 
Cada año las principales calles de Limón centro, Cahuita, Puerto Viejo y muchas otras comunidades, se llenan de alegría, fiesta y color. Te mostramos como se vive esta gran celebración.

Fiesta en el Caribe
Te contamos por qué y cómo se celebra esta gran fiesta

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