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Limón: Downtown

The South Caribbean is one of the most popular and visited areas of the Caribbean, but have you ever wondered, what to do in the center of Limón? In these episodes we tell you everything

We make a tour of the beaches that you can visit if you decide to stay in this area of the Caribbean

Hotels and restaurants
Where to eat and where to stay in Limón Downtown?  We show you options 

What activities can be done in the central canton? Watch this episode and we will tell you some of them

You live this unforgettable experience from Moín, one of the most popular beaches in downtown.

Veragua Rainforest
Just a few minutes from the center of  cantón, you find this tour that offers you nature, peace, trails, waterfall, cable car and canopy.

Isla Uvita
Un imperdible cuando visitas el cantón central es conocer la histórica Isla Uvita, también llamada Isla Quiribrī

Llegada de cruceros
Te contamos qué ofrece Puerto Limón para quienes lo visitan en crucero

Imperdibles en Limón
10 actividades que puedes realizar cuando visitas el cantón central de Limón 

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